CDO RoadTag  The cutting edge of road data

Before CDO RoadTag, information was manually retrieved by searching city records or on-line systems, the responsible company was notified, and steps would be taken to repair the defect. But determining key information was a lengthy process and took time away from other critical tasks. 

The CDO RoadTag Solution Delivers

SAVINGS: Save money, time and resources by reducing the effort to know:
•  What utility company or contractor is responsible for restoration?
•  What utility permit or job reference number was used?
•  When was the work completed and when did the warranty period begin?
EASE OF USE: Easily use CDO RoadTag:
•  RFID Tags are programmed with relevant data using the CDO RoadTag application. 
•  RFID tags are provided to the contractor when the utility permit is issued.
•  The contractor places the RFID tags under the final lift of pavement. 
•  Engineers or auditors use the handheld unit to retrieve roadway data from the RFID tag.
DURABILITY: CDO RoadTag RFID tags have proven to deliver accurate results for more than 4 years – and are expected to deliver for more than 10 years.
   •  Years of application ensure 100% data accuracy across weather, construction, and material variances.
   •  CDO technologies tested more than a dozen different RFID tags to find the best solution.
   •  Handheld RFID readers are durable, rated for outdoor contruction, yet easy to use.  
DEPENDABILITY: CDO RoadTag utilizes proven, commercial technologies, and is supported by CDO Care – CDO Technologies’ 24/7 help desk service.

A Critical Need for Safety and Efficiancy

Roadway defects can cause bodily harm and vehicle damage. In addition to these constituent concerns, such hazards can be costly for cities responsible for maintaining streets and protecting the community. CDO RoadTag was developed to reduce time between the reporting of a hazard and its correction, thus reducing expense and risk.