CDO CATS Tracking and Finding Critical Assets

CDO Technologies understands the challenges behind tracking and accounting for critical assets. When an asset goes missing, the entire operation comes to a halt until the item is located. CDO CATS ensures critical assets are recorded, tracked, and found.

CDO CATS Benefits

REDUCE HUNT TIME:  Leveraging CDO CATS’ “Last Known Location” and the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), CDO CATS turns a scanner into a Geiger counter for tracking-down missing assets.

GO MOBILE:   CDO CATS does not require Wi-Fi.  Use disconnected scanning devices to capture location data or find assets, then synchronize data with the server when reconnected. 

DATA ANYWHERE: The browser-based application provides access to cloud or on-premise based asset data from any authorized device. 

AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION:  Improve accuracy by incorporating such automatic identification as linear barcodes, 2D barcodes, RFID, or Near Field Communication (NFC). 

EASY INTEGRATION: CDO CATS easily imports and exports data from accounting systems, shares data tables, or directly integrates for immediate data transfer.  

CDO CATS Critical Asset Tracking Solution

Asset Tracking
      •   Location hierarchy and addressing
      •   Last Known Locations
      •   Type categorization
      •   Asset addition and cloning
      •   Asset definition
      •   Asset movement history

Data Use & Reporting
      •   Screen-based, exported or PDF report generation
      •   Print and encode control
      •   Query builder

System Management
      •   Unlimited simultaneous usage
      •   Roles and responsibilities definition
      •   Active Directory integration
      •   Non-proprietary SQL database
      •   Handheld device user interface
      •   Fixed-reader management