IT Assets

The most expensive assets of most organizations are IT devices.  Whether you have multiple laptops, desktops, server blades, projectors, or any other devices, it is important to know where they all are at any given time.  CDO’s IT Asset Tracking solution can give our customers the peace of mind to know their most expensive and delicate assets are accounted for and being used properly.  The update of location and condition of many of your IT assets is often left incomplete.  Know how old machines are, who has used them, and what they’re capable of with the click of the mouse.  Our real-time RFID response solution will allow managers the most up-to-date data to promote wise decision making.

IT Asset Tracking Benefits:

  • Increased security and accountability
  • Significant increase in data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
  • Decrease in energy costs by identifying unused assets still drawing power
  • More accurate records by use of an automated audit trail
  • 100% compliance and assurance of decommissioned or destroyed hard drives and servers