ITRUST Delivers:

  • Operational Assurance
  • Support On-Demand
  • Certified Professionals
  • Designed and Sourced Proven Technologies
  • Technology-Based Solution Implementation
  • Go-Forward Planning  


  • 15 + years technology experience
  • Full-service automated and staffed help desk
  • 300+ professionals for all levels of service
  • Industry-based standards including ISO 9000, and CMMI
  • Service Guarantees

Today’s companies need assurance that their technology platforms, no matter how big or small, will remain functional and their business will remain productive.   Coupled with our monitoring capabilities, our proactive plans include everything a business needs to keep its communications infrastructure up-and-running around the clock.  We ensure satisfaction and promise to maintain and improve your IT business processes.

As you go through the peaks and valleys of your business, CDO is there to support you.  Servers crash?  It happens, we’re here for you.  New projects, need help making your IT staffing ends meet?  It happens, we’re here for you.  We have the people on the technology to help you close the gap and achieve the results your company desires.  

Companies are challenged by evolving technology, technical complexity, and limited resources. How can you trust that your IT infrastructure is right for your business?  ITrust from CDO is designed to help your company implement Go-Forward Planning.  With communications consultations and voice and data communications strategies, the partnership forged with CDO will help your company assess which technology best fits and how to implement it.