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May 11, 2017/DBJ The Dayton Business Journal is giving out three special awards as part of its annual Who’s Who in Aerospace and Defense. The editorial board of Dayton Business Journal again selected three individuals for special awards  We are honoring an individual in three different categories - Military Leader, Community Leader and Defense Contractor.....Read More



May 9, 2017/PRWEB CDO Technologies, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio, creators of the Critical Asset Tracking Solution (CATS), has announced support of the AsReader® UHF RFID Readers/Writers. End users may now use the iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad® equipped with an...Read More



Feb 28, 2017/DDN — Small Businesses got a huge boost from the Air Force last fiscal year, but uncertainty in the federal budget means no one is too sure yet if the trend will continue. Spending on small businesses by the Air Force Material Command reached a record ...Read More



Dec 23, 2016/RFID Journal — Robert Zielinski is director of commercial marketing at CDO Technologies, a full-service systems-integration firm that uses radio frequency identification and other  technologies to solve business problems in a number of industries. RFID Journal has ...Read More



October 5, 2016/DDN — CDO Technologies Inc., a Dayton-based IT company and defense contractor, has been awarded a $75 million contract to manage the U.S. Air Force’s cyber-security communications system, the company announced Wednesday ...Read More



Jun 13, 2016/RFID Journal — CDO Technologies has commercialized its ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID solution for tracking information regarding street cuts—openings in roads that are typically made by utility companies to repair cables and pipes underground. The solution, known...Read More



May 25, 2016/Dayton Daily News - CDO Technologies has landed a contract with the City of Colorado Springs in Colorado to use its CDO RoadTag to better track street cut data.Colorado Springs  Public Works has purchased Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags ...Read More




Dec 2015/DaytonB2B - Al Wofford is president and chief executive of CDO Technologies, an automatic identification systems integration company headquartered in Riverside. The company, which  serves both the federal and private sectors...Read More




Dec 16, 2015/ RFID Journal - Recently, people who work for small companies and nonprofits have been asking RFID Journal: Can I use RFID to track my assets? Those assets range from office equipment to art in a gallery and files in a dentist's office. These potential users have read....Read More




Oct 15, 2015/RFID Journal - CDO Technologies has announced that the city and county of Denver, Colo., has purchased its rugged RFID-enabled RoadTag solution to track information on street cuts—  openings in roads that are typically made by utility companies to ...Read More



- Oct 9, 2015/Dayton Business Journal - CDO Technologies has inked a high-profile deal for its commercial business. The Riverside-based company, known for its defense work, has been tapped by  the city and county of Denver, Colo. to demonstrate its RoadTag technology. ...Read More



- August 2015/TheBarCode News - The Civil Engineering Group in the City of Dayton had a vision – ensure safe roadways by knowing exactly when an area of asphalt begins to deteriorate so the road  could be fixed before a pothole appears. Roadway defects can cause bodily harm...Read More



- July 19, 2015/RFID Journal — When Ron Stoll began his watch-repair business with a single wristwatch in 1982, he couldn't imagine that one day he'd have to be concerned about managing the cleaning, repair and shipping of some 120,000 timepieces annually...Read More



- May 12, 2015/Dayton Business Journal - Riverside-based CDO Technologies and Sawdey Solution Services Inc. in Beavercreek each tallied major contract wins in the last week. Late Monday, CDO was awarded one of three spots on a $181 million deal for IT and telecommunications work...Read More



- April 15, 2015 – AIM, the industry association and worldwide authority on barcode, RFID, RTLS, NFC and mobile computing, has selected CDO Technologies of Dayton, Ohio, as the winner of the 2015  RFID Case Study Competition. This award, given annually by AIM,..Read More



- Apr 05, 2015/RFID Journal - It gives our company a competitive advantage. It enables us to track and manage high-value assets or inventory or work-in-process or vehicles or livestock or perishables  in transit... It allows us to safeguard hospital employees and patients or...Read More



- October 16, 2014/EfficientGov - Dayton, Ohio, is requiring all utility street cut restorations to contain a RFID tag to track the responsible utility company. The city hopes to become more efficient by quickly identifying the owner of a deteriorating or damaged existing utility...Read More



- Jun 15, 2014/RFID journal —The City of Dayton, in Ohio, requires utility companies—electric, sewer, telecommunications, water and so forth—that make openings in roads to repair cables and pipes  underground to restore the pavement. If the restoration is...Read More



- Mar 30, 2014/RFID Journal - Passive ultrahigh-frequency RFID handheld readers enable companies to track a wide variety of tagged items in locations where it is impractical or impossible to use fixed  readers. Some common uses include tracking apparel and jewelry items in stores, performing...Read More



- Mar 25, 2014/ - In many cities like Dayton, Ohio, when utility companies dig up streets to install sewer pipes or fiber optic lines, they are responsible for properly filling inany holes or trenches. If the street cut isn’t repaired properly, that area could sink or turn...Read More



- Nov. 25, 2010/hivelocitymedia -Today, Wofford's own name is mentioned among the heavy hitters around west-central Ohio. Recently listed among the Dayton Business Journal's regional 10 Most Influential People of the year...Read More