Tool Room Control

Want to know where your tools have been, who has used them, and when they are due for maintenance?

CDO Technologies has developed the Improved Tool Accountability System just for you.

The Improved Tool Accountability System (iTAS) tracks tools, tool kits, parts, vehicles, technical data, keys, people, video tapes, and other items. Every item in iTAS has an identifier that allows for worldwide asset locating. iTAS minimizes foreign object damage (FOD) potential through positive control of all issued items from a support section.

iTAS provides user friendly screens, multiple window displays, on-line help facility, expanded data lookup capabilities, user configurable reports, data integrity, and enhanced error identification and correction.

iTAS supports both temporary duty (TDY) and mobility operations. During deployments or under emergency conditions, up to 26 shops can use one computer and one database. iTAS historically tracks every person that ever used an item and every inspection ever performed on an item.