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Automated Life-Sustaining Equipment and Records Tracking  (ALERTS)

A secure military Worldwide-Web application providing 21 century Aircrew Flight Equipment managers & technicians capabilities to expertly manage and support their aircraft & aircrews through systematic total program management for all emergency safety equipment. 


ALERTS Capabilities:

  • Enable senior managers “real-time” instant “world-wide” access to critical decision making information.
  • Eliminate frequent requests for unit equipment inventories to determine equipment/program status.
  • Provide full data analysis of all items under a user's span of control which enables data forecasting for planned & unexpected time change items.
  • Record complete equipment service life information for all items.
  • Provide managers at all levels detailed item inspection and repair histories enabling proper equipment support.


Optional ALERTS Pocket PCs allow individuals to quickly, accurately, and remotely document all work completed, providing a “cradle to grave” history for all life support items tracked.