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High Value Asset Tracking (HVAT)

Finally, there is a system that can deliver a real-time solution using a variety of AIDC technologies enabling users to monitor the location of high value assets and personnel in virtually any geographic area, fully empowering response and decision based on real world events.


HVAT Capabilities:

  • The ability to track the location of the important assets and personnel throughout a building, facility, or multi-location geographically-dispersed enterprise
  • Highly scalable from very small to very large deployments
  • Integrates a variety of Automatic Identification Technologies including: 1D/2D Barcode, Passive RFID, and Active RFID
  • Integrates with multiple AIT devices from various manufacturers
  • Passive RFID portals provide unobtrusive visibility of assets as they move from location to location
  • Provides handheld application which can operate in a “sometimes-connected” or batch-upload environment
  • Active RFID technology implemented for additional item detail and shipment overview
  • Leverages CDO Technologies’ vast experience in developing and deploying asset management and logistics solutions



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