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Mobile Invetory Control and Accountability System (MICAS)

MICAS tracks mission-critical chemical and biological equipment and the mobility bags they are contained in. 
The system automates the receipt, inspection, storage, issue, shipment, and inventory control of chemical/biological equipment at each Air Force base and at the Air Force Consolidated Mobility Bag Control Center (CMBCC) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

MICAS Capabilities:
  • Identify and define inventory items, system users, inventory locations, vendors, and manufacturers
  • Issue mobility bags and/or bulk assets to locations and organizations
  • Track asset status
  • Warn user attempting to issue unserviceable or suspended asset
  • Warn user attempting to issue an asset that will soon become unserviceable or suspended
  • Produce inventory receipts when issuing assets
  • Produce reports to track and maintain data