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Point of Maintenance (POMX)

POMX seamlessly captures data using a mobile device that can transmit wirelessly or work in “store-forward” mode when the network is unavailable. Without replacing or duplicating the maintenance system of record, POMX provides a front-end that is capable of performing maintenance data collection, as well as supporting supply inquiries and ordering parts at the wing of the aircraft.


POMX Capabilities:

  • Increased data integrity and accuracy through intelligent application design
  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Allow interface with IMDS and communication with the Standard Base Supply System
  • Decreased data latency problems
  • Operate in disconnected state (a.k.a. store-forward or batch mode)
  • Automatically transfer data to and from IMDS when wired or wireless networks are present
  • Easily deployed using existing hardware
  • Complie with existing security measures


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