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Tool Accountability System (TAS)

TAS minimizes Foreign Object Damage potential through positive control of all support section issued items. TAS uses barcode technology and historically tracks every person that ever used an item and every inspection ever performed on an item.

TAS is an easy to use, multi-user, system designed to meet the tool and equipment accountability and control requirements of the aircraft maintenance community.

TAS Capabilities:
  • Enable rapid issue/recovery of equipment required/used
  • Automate equipment inspection forecast/tracking
  • Provide equipment status visibility for supervisors
  • Facilitate rapid planning, selection, mobilization and management of equipment to remote locations
  • Reduce foreign object damage potential
  • Save thousands of forms per unit each year
  • Reduce excess equipment inventory
  • Use the DoD standard 3 of 9 barcode symbology
  • Provide single application support for all levels of operation