AIM Honors CDO Technologies for RFID Innovation

CDO RoadTag Provides Instant Access to Construction Data

Cranberry Township, PA – April 15, 2015 – AIM, the industry association and worldwide authority on barcode, RFID, RTLS, NFC and mobile computing, has selected CDO Technologies of Dayton, Ohio, as the winner of the 2015 RFID Case Study Competition.

This award, given annually by AIM, recognizes those who have developed and delivered compelling solutions that contribute to the growth and advancement of radio frequency identification (RFID) through innovation and technologies which provide benefits that decrease risk, increase the demand and accelerate the adoption of RFID.

The Civil Engineering Group in the City of Dayton had a vision – ensure safe roadways by knowing exactly when an area of asphalt begins to deteriorate so the road could be fixed before a pothole appears. For anyone living in regions prone to roads that freeze and thaw repeatedly, this seemed almost impossible, maybe even crazy to expect such a tall order.

However, the team at CDO Technologies knew RFID technology could be put to good use in this situation and deliver a viable solution. One that was cost effective as well. It would also let the City’s engineers know which contractor or utility was responsible for the repair, and insure contractor compliance, not to mention save taxpayer dollars.

CDO RoadTag provides programmed RFID tags containing relevant information which are provided to a contractor when a utility permit is issued. Contractors then place the tags under the final lift of roadway surface. Once installed, engineers and auditors have the ability, using RFID readers, to retrieve data from the tags to get instant access to construction data.

CDO RoadTags are dependable, durable, and accurate in addition to saving time and money. Definitely a win-win innovation in RFID technology!

Mary Lou Bosco, Chief Operating Officer of AIM, in announcing CDO’s selection as the 2015 RFID Case Study Winner, said, “This use of technology shows exactly how the adoption and implementation of RFID continues to revolutionize the world we know today. It not only has the potential to increase safety, but the cost savings could have a significant positive impact on the fiscal future of cities around the world. We congratulate the entire CDO Technologies team for the success.”