Denver taps Dayton-area company for technology

By Joe Cogliano

Oct 9, 2015/Dayton Business Journal – CDO Technologies has inked a high-profile deal for its commercial business.

The Riverside-based company, known for its defense work, has been tapped by the city and county of Denver, Colo. to demonstrate its RoadTag technology.

RoadTag allows municipalities an easier way to track responsible parties for road defects. While CDO is still heavily into IT support and services, the company has been hitting the streets with newer software products that revolve around RFID technology. Getting large users such as Denver to adopt RoadTag product could lead to a flurry of national sales.

Here’s how RoadTag works: When utility companies need to cut into a road to upgrade infrastructure, they request a permit. As part of the process using RoadTag, the company is given an RFID tag — which stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification — to implant into the replacement asphalt.

A handheld device collects information from the tags, when needed, which eliminates the time-consuming process of searching files to find out who did the work.

Officials with Denver Public Works say the initial CDO contract includes hardware, software and 1,000 RFID tags. The plan is to evaluate the technology over the next few months, and calculate the savings, to determine if a longer-term deal makes sense.

CDO officials said they saved the city of Dayton $60,000 in labor costs with the system.

The company, which has about 60 local employees and 130 total workers, also is poised for some big business in its traditional defense field.

In May, it was awarded one of three spots on a $181 million deal for IT and telecommunications work for the U.S. Army. CDO also was named one of 17 companies to part of the massive NETCENTS-2 federal contract. That part alone could be worth as much as $5.8 billion over the next seven years.

Additionally, CDO also was part of a joint venture with Dayton-based CompTech Inc. that earned one of five spots on a $450 million U.S. Air Force contract for technical data support services.