Director of Commercial Marketing

Robert Zielinski

With over 20 years providing thought leadership and an entrepreneurial approach towards Product Development, Marketing and Professional Services in Healthcare, Inventory Management and Manufacturing (including 9+ years on the cutting edge of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Automatic Identification Technologies (AIT)), Robert Zielinski’s goal is to impact the way people learn, work, and play by contributing to the development, adoption and rapid growth of innovations.

Throughout his career, Robert has felt blessed to contribute as a Program Manager responsible for Information Technology and Professional Development; by leading global Business Development teams serving the Fortune 1000; as a senior executive responsible for multi-million dollar P&Ls; and as a Board Member guiding corporate strategy and operations. He delicately balances a laser-focus on goals, schedules and market commitments with a team-oriented, partner-minded dedication to people.

Robert appreciates the opportunity to have presented at over 100 industry conferences, to have taught at 3 universities, to have authored one book while contributing to several others, to have served as the Public Relations point of contact, and to have served his community through economic development.