Al Wofford

Al WoffordFrom a team of two to a team of 300, Mr. Wofford's vision has grown CDO Technologies into a leading provider of business and technology solutions. Under Mr. Wofford's leadership, revenues have increased every year since the company’s inception in 1995. CDO employs a family of 300 people at 8 locations throughout the US.

Mr. Wofford has created a unique niche with industry standards in the areas on Unique Identifiers (UID), Serial Number Tracking (SNT), Parts marking requirements,and implementation of Electronic Product Codes (ePC).

Mr. Wofford is very active in the community. His commitment to his community is a part of his belief that together, we can all achieve great things. He has served the community in the following organizations: Wright Center of Innovation, I-Zone, Greater Dayton IT Alliance, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Dayton/Montgomery County Port Authority, Omega Baptist Church, South Central Minority Business Council Local Advisory Committee, City Wide Strategic Development and Venture Capital Committee.

Mr. Wofford holds an MBA in Management from the Golden Gate University and a BA in Accounting fromthe University of South Carolina.