Asset Management and Visibility




Our customers inspire us to innovate and discover countless solutions to solve their Asset Management and Visibility needs.  CDO responds by learning the way you do business and customizes designed, developed, deployed and sustainable turnkey solutions.

Tracking assets, products, and people become simple tasks when CDO implements solutions that save you time and money. In addition, CDO’s got your back with proven fraud prevention experience.  Managing supply chain, work flow, or high value assets is a growing market as both government and commercial organizations recognize the benefits of tracking solutions.  Want proof?  Just ask one of our 200,000+ users at over 2,700 customer sites how CDO improved the way they do business.

CDO Delivers:
•Proven industry best practices creatively applied
•Business model that fosters customer – CDO partnership
•Focus on quantified value proposition
•Results-oriented "concept-to-reality" paradigm