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Investing in an Affordable Asset Tracking Solution

CDO Technologies, Inc. located in Dayton, Ohio, is the creator of the Critical Asset Tracking Solution (CATS) now available in the Cloud. Our CATS Solution improves asset management and logistics by providing greater visibility, accuracy, and efficiency to your business or organization. CATS is used by both private and public companies to facilitate tracking of their critical assets. Searching for missing items such as tools, equipment, client files, electronic components, consumer goods, or customer information can drastically hinder workflow efficiency and increase costs. By cost effectively adding visibility points to an asset’s travel path your company or organization will better serve customers, increase production capability, and reduce replacement costs.

Al Wofford, CEO of CDO Technologies explained, “Every company loses stuff. We’ve seen companies from law firms to manufacturing firms, to services and organizations, all using our critical asset tracking solution to keep track of things.” A specific example is tooling. For smaller manufacturing companies tooling is a significant investment and replacing lost tools is costly. With CATS Cloud a small company can afford to track critical assets and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

What are the benefits to CATS in the Cloud? The CATS Cloud solution is maintained and managed by CDO Technologies. We issue the CATS software updates and maintain the cloud-based server infrastructure. The customer is responsible for connectivity and data archive. CDO Technologies handles all the set-up in the cloud so launching your new asset tracking solution is easy… Just sign-up and start tracking!

“Where’s my stuff?”

Asset tracking and visibility is an underappreciated challenge that is faced by companies of all sizes. Time costs related to searching for tools or raw materials, production downtime due to misplaced raw materials, delayed customer shipments due to lost finished goods are real expenses that impact your operations and shrink your bottom line. The perception that an asset tracking solution is big and costly is not true. We invite you to invest in a phone call to share your challenges with us and learn a little more about how an asset tracking solution can work for you.

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