Sandbox Work with Zebra

Partnering with Zebra has been a rewarding experience enabling us to grow our abilities and prove ourselves a worthy partner by expanding business opportunities. We continued this growth by becoming a certified Zebra Location Services partner, building on our RFID Specialist and Premier Solution Provider status.

Your assets are critical and deserve real time visibility. With Zebra Location Services, we can help you manage your most valuable assets by using RFID and complimentary Automated Information Technology products, so you’ll have the right information, at the right time, to make your best, actionable business decisions.

In addition to being a Zebra RFID and Locations Services partner, CDO Technologies is taking the next steps in being a Zebra integration and delivery partner by establishing a full test bed or “sandbox” for the installation and configuration of Zebra’s new Motion Works Enterprise (MWE) software solution. MWE empowers end users to use disparate types systems – location sensors, active RFID, passive RFID — deploy, configure and monitor a diverse fleet of Zebra fixed RFID readers from one consolidated application, regardless of location. Made to scale, easy to use and simple to manage, CDO’s Motion Works Enterprise sandbox allows us to test all the diverse technology applications to speed delivery of solutions to customers in need of industry-leading RFID solutions.

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