Case Study

Case Study: Increase Inventory Visibility with RFID


Since 1983, Stoll & Co. has been a respected name in the watch repair industry. As their clientele has grown, so has the number of watches and parts Stoll & Co keep track of manually. Over the years, employees spent an increasing amount of time locating watches to be repaired or shipped. Time spent locating items would be better spent serving customers.


With the utmost concerns of efficiency and security, Stoll & Co. partnered with CDO Technologies, to create a solution to their tracking issues. They sought a tracking system that could locate each watch quickly, and after reviewing their processes, CDO recommended using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag-based solution.


CDO worked with Stoll & Co. to place a passive RFID tag on each watch carrier bag. When a watch was needed, employees could use an RFID handheld reader to scan the area. The reader picks up the signal from the requisite tag to quickly locate the watch.


Prior to implementing CDO’s RFID based solution, Stoll & Co. staff spent nearly seven hours each day locating inventory items. After implementing CDO’s tracking solution, that time dropped to less than fifteen minutes each day. Because of this remarkable improvement, Stoll & Co. plans on implementing other visibility-based projects such as automated shipment validation and workflow efficiency monitoring.

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