Wright State University AIM Hackathon

Thank you to Chris Smith for participating as a judge at the AIM Make-it-Wright Hackathon hosted at Wright State. This hackathon was designed to help students of WSU practice use their passion for invention and technology to share their creations. The Hackathon occurred from February 4th-5th of this year, 2023. It was focused on solutions made with technologies that we at CDO use often, such as RFID, RTLS, and barcode. These technologies were used to plan solutions to break down bottlenecks, before and if they showed up, while also protecting the sustainability of our planet.

The Wright State University Hack-a-thon is an invention marathon put on by Wright State University and industry partners annually. CDO was asked to judge the student projects. In the Hack-a-thon, teams of students compete for cash prizes. Each team must Plan, Design, Implement, Test, and Maintain a solution to one of four challenges. The team are given 48 hours to get as much accomplished as possible.

Smith is an excellent example of hard work paying off as he puts forth daily effort in accomplishing the goals of not only the company, but also his own.

“I personally had a good time meeting the students and listening to their ideas. The final three teams were very close, and it was hard to pick the winners. In the end it as a good experience and it would be fun to do it again next year.”

Chris Smith

Congratulations to Chris Smith and thank you for all your hard work!